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Fast Tracking Security by Design

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Bart De Win



In this talk, we are looking into different aspects of security by design. What makes it so hard to build software that is able to withstand abuse ? A good mix of functionality, quality and development process elements will bring us a long way, but this remains difficult in practice. We will explain how everything-as-code and automation can actually improve this significantly and will help us to overcome these challenges. If only there was full SAMM coverage…

Speaker bio

Bart De Win has 25 years of experience in the cybersecurity field and is currently working as a Director in the Cyber&Privacy unit at PwC Belgium. Bart holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from KU Leuven, as well as a Ph.D. in Application Security from KU Leuven. In addition to his role at PwC, Bart is co-lead of the OWASP SAMM project. In his current capacity, Bart is actively engaged in providing a range of services to clients, including application security, offensive strategies, and incident response. His passion lies in bridging the gap between the technical and organizational dimension of application security. His dedication to this cause is evident in his involvement in academic research and his extensive experience as a speaker. He has shared his insights on cybersecurity topics with audiences around the world, solidifying his reputation as a respected authority in the field.