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Implementation of OWASP SAMM in K12 schools

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Deveeshree Nayak

University of Washington, Tacoma
Assistant Teaching Professor


OWASP SAMM is a prime maturity model for software assurance that offers a great way for k12 schools to analyze and improve their software security posture. Due to COVID19 situations, K12 schools are forced to switch to online. With the implementation OWASP SAMM, K12 schools will be risk-driven in nature and it will help teachers and students to learn, implement and improve secure software practices. In this presentation, I will be discussing possible implementation scenarios of OWASP SAMM in K12 schools. This presentation is targeted to all types audiences because we must offer our children a safe and secure learning environment.

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A cybersecurity and IT Professor at the UW Tacoma with a diverse background in the field of cybersecurity (information system, computer engineering, and criminology and criminal justice), Deveeshree Nayak is a member of the inclusion working group of WiCyS and has been a member of WiCyS since 2014. She is also a member of Anita Borg Institute, OWASP, IEEE, ACM, etc. She has master’s in IS, CE, and criminology. Nayak has taught/trained over 1,000 underrepresented people in STEM as a volunteer and as a trainer. She is a part of the review and program committee for GHC Security and Privacy, I4CS, SciPy 2019, RESPECT 2020.