User Day

On May 27th, 2021 we had our second OWASP SAMM User Day. Once again, we want to thank all our speakers and attendees for being a part of our community!


Here you can find links to videos and presentations for the talks and workshop we hosted in May. We want send a special thank you to our speakers who contributed with their knowledge and experiences.

OWASP SAMM UpdateBart De Win and Sebastien Deleersnyder
The Seven Deadly Sins of SAMMJohn Wood
Agile Guidance for SAMMRob van der Veer
SAMM 2.0 DashboardSathish Ashwin
OWASP Top 10 Maturity Categories for Security ChampionsLucian Corlan
Using OWASP SAMM to kickstart the SSDLC - Lessons learned from real-world projectsThomas Kerbl
OWASP SAMM: Tools of the TradeJohn Ellingsworth
Lean security: a framework for activities and design factors in DevSecOpsDennis Verslegers
Content Security in Federated Media Cloud WorkflowsBen Schofield
Integrating SAMM v2 into Consulting AssessmentsTony Cargile
SAMM benchmark - design and user storiesBrian Glas
Contributing to SAMMPatricia Duarte
Wrapping up our first SAMM User DayBart De Win


You can also visit the 2020 SAMM User Day page, where you can see the full list of talks, with downloadable material and YouTube links.