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SAMM 2.0 Dashboard

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Sathish Ashwin

Director Research and Operations


Like many other organizations, I have tried and implemented SAMM in my organization(multiple projects). However, it was always challenging for me to conduct interviews to access all the different business functions and security practices and make my team understand the SAMM model. I found it very difficult to circulate the SAMM sheet across different business functions and get them up to speed on showcasing the maturity results. We know that the SAMM version 2.0 has worked further on the scoring model to represent the additional assurance in presence beyond the maturity level it belongs to. To ensure organization could gain proper credit for their effort in software security, I have created SAMM web version and offered the granular scoring dashboards with maturity scores that represent different levels of maturity with this maturity dashboard it will be easy for anyone to setup SAMM web version and create multiple users as per their business needs and generate different formats of the report which will very help full in building strategy to collect metrics defining organization’s security posture.

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Sathish is Director Research and Operations at National Cyber Defence Research Centre, India focusing on threat intelligence, cyber-attacks, cyber espionage research and APT attacks. He is also the Founder of NGO The Cyber School (An initiative by World Cyber Health Organization). His fields of research include application security, Internet of Things(IoT), Internet of Brains(IoB), malware analysis, and threat intelligence. He is mentoring start–ups, research students and new initiatives that are in the domain of Information Security. He is an active participant with various think tanks on a wide range of subjects and is a motivational speaker on leadership.