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Lean security: a framework for activities and design factors in DevSecOps

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Dennis Verslegers

Strategic Advisor Application Security


Improving your security posture while delivering software more rapidly and reliably, a challenge which many organizations are facing. Eighteen months ago, I set out for a quest to find out more about DevSecOps, SecDevOps, RuggedOps, shift-left… Which (security) activities are part of DevSecOps? How do we choose between them? and How are they different from traditional security assurance activities? Join this session if you want to find out what I learned on my journey through literature research and interactions with 18 international DevSecOps experts.

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With almost 20 years in the Information Technology and Security field Dennis has acquired a wide perspective on the challenges related to building things and building them securely. His interests range from governance to code and anything in between. He couldn’t be happier living in an age where we can think of things such as infrastructure-as-code, security-as-code and even policy-as-code. Dennis currently performs research on DevSecOps and helps customers on their path towards rapid, reliable and secure software engineering.