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Content security in federated media cloud workflows

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Ben Schofield

Product manager


Content security is a major issue for film and TV studios around the world, the Trusted Partner Network has developed a common set of security controls and best practices led by the Hollywood studios and global VOD platforms to reduce audit cost and ensure consistency across vendors in the supply chain. This session looks at the evolution of the control framework to incorporate cloud workflows with a novel approach that maps against existing standards such as OWASP ASVS, best practice secure configuration guidelines published by the leading cloud platforms and new threats tracked by the Media & Entertainment ISAC to create a template for managing security risks that can be easily embedded in the delivery and development process.

Speaker bio

Ben Schofield is a Digital Media Consultant focused on media logistics and metadata, and content security.

He is currently implementing end-end media federated cloud workflows and is Product Lead for the Trusted Partner Network, the global, industry-wide film and television content protection initiative for the major studios. Ben is closely involved in the IMF standards workstreams at the DPP and unique IDs for content (EIDR)

Ben ran the Red Bee Media team supporting the rapid growth of BBC iPlayer from launch and helped major broadcasters and studios set up efficient digital content distribution to new platforms.

Other projects included restarting Project Dovetail VOD audience measurement for BARB, launching the BFI Player for the British Film Institute and technology due diligence buy/sell side for private equity in post production, ad distribution and fintech.