External and internal SAMM community resources

Here you’ll find links to places outside this website where you can interact with the SAMM team and with other SAMM users. Also, a reminder of the community-related content here on this website.

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Community calls

We host community calls on the second Wednesday of every month. Here, we provide project updates, do model deep-dive sessions and interact with the community of SAMM users. This goes from helping out people who are getting started with SAMM to discussing tools and ways to go about the different SAMM activities.

You can join us on Meetups for reminders: SAMM Meetup

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Slack is a line of communication that’s always open. You can exchange ideas and experiences with other members of the community. SAMM team members are also available to answer questions or provide information.

You can try with the direct link to our Slack channel. If that doesn’t work, you need and invitation. Click here to get it.

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GitHub Discussions

Apart from Slack, we’ve added GitHub Discussions , where you can pitch your ideas, ask questions, and provide feedback.

SAMM website community resources

From the Community menu item on this website you can find information on