SAMM Practitioners

Who to contact for SAMM services

Who is a SAMM practitioner? Anyone who provides assessment, roadmap services, or tools based on the whole SAMM model.

We’ve put together a list of SAMM practitioners you can contact to get your organization on the path to a better security posture.

While the OWASP SAMM project is selective about the practitioners we list, it does NOT imply we endorse, recommend, or favor any of them.

  • SAMM practitioners are linked on the OWASP SAMM website as a convenience — their inclusion is not a direct recommendation or endorsement.
  • OWASP cannot guarantee the quality of practitioners' products or their services. It’s the responsibility of each user to vet potential practitioners to determine whether they meet their needs.
  • In no event will OWASP be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon the featured practitioners or the services they provide.

Afshin Ghaziasgar

Country: South Africa



Bamboo Data Consulting

Country: Canada



CLUE Security Services AG

Country: Switzerland




Country: Belgium

SAMM contributors: Aram Hovsepyan

This practitioner is a SAMM sponsor.


Country: USA


This practitioner is a SAMM sponsor.

Conquest Security

Country: US



Conviso Application Security

Country: Brazil



Galah Cyber

Country: Australia



GuidePoint Security LLC

Country: USA




Country: USA



Krav Maga Hacking

Country: Americas



Minded Security

Country: Italy


This practitioner is a SAMM sponsor.

NCC Group

Country: Netherlands


This practitioner is a SAMM sponsor.


Country: Europe




Country: Belgium




Country: USA



PG Security Advisors

Country: USA

SAMM contributors: Brian Glas



Country: Worldwide

SAMM contributors: Bart De Win

This practitioner is a SAMM sponsor.


Country: Worldwide



SBA Research

Country: Austria



Sec Consult

Country: Germany




Country: Germany




Country: Belgium



Software Improvement Group (SIG)

Country: Netherlands

SAMM contributors: Rob van der Veer


Timo Pagel IT-Consulting

Country: Germany

SAMM contributors: Timo Pagel



Country: Belgium

SAMM contributors: Seba Deleersnyder

This practitioner is a SAMM sponsor.

Who makes the list

To add SAMM practitioners to the list

  • the SAMM practitioner has to request to be on the list.
  • the SAMM practitioner has to provide a link to its SAMM related service offering (SAMM assessment, roadmap, or tools).
  • the SAMM service offering of the practitioner has to contain a reference and link to

The OWASP SAMM project team reserves the right to reject or remove SAMM practitioners from this list at any time.

Interested in contributing to this list?
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