SAMMQA-A: - No - Yes, it’s less than a year old - Yes, it’s a number of years old - Yes, it’s a pretty mature program

SAMMQA-B: - No - Yes, some of them are aware - Yes, approx. half of them are aware - Yes, most of them are aware

SAMMQA-C: - No - Yes, a small percentage are/do - Yes, at least half of them are/do - Yes, the majority of them are/do

Note - “The majority” is, strictly speaking, anything that is more than half, so “at least half” and “the majority” are not really different. This should probably follow the same pattern as set B, and use “approx. half” and “most.”

SAMMQA-D: - No - Yes, we did it once - Yes, we do it every few years - Yes, we do it at least annually

SAMMQA-E: - No - No, it is not applicable - Yes, but on an adhoc basis - Yes

SAMMQA-F: - No - Yes, teams write/run their own - Yes, there is a standard set - Yes, the standard set is integrated

SAMMQA-G: - No - Yes, localized to business areas - Yes, across the organization - Yes, across the organization and required