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Do I need a 1 out of 1 rating for maturity level 1 before working on level 2?

It is not strictly required to get a 1 out 1 rating on maturity level 1 to start working on maturity level 2. There might be activities of maturity level 1 that are not relevant for you which you can bypass, moving to maturity level 2 activities.

We did order the activities in a logical order and maturity levels, but each organiZation and team can have unique situations, where some of them are not relevant or could be implemented in a different order.

When will SAMM v2 be released?

We plan to release SAMM version 2 by the end of this year.

Should I use version 1.5 until version 2 is released?

We recommend using the latest SAMM 2 (even while it is not fully finished) over SAMM 1.5 Have a look at our latest “head” version here

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