Contributing to SAMM

Interested in contributing to SAMM?

Here’s how you can do it!
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  • Testimonials

  • Benchmark
    How am I doing? What works for similar organizations? Donate SAMM data sets!
    Visit our benchmark page.

  • GitHub issues
    Read more about how we use GitHub for our content and how you can contribute.

  • Translations

  • Sponsorship
    Visit our sponsors page to learn more about the process, what happens with the proceeds, and what the benefits are.

  • Feedback


We want the website to be an interactive place where the community can share their ideas and experiences.
Contact us so we can all get an idea of who is using SAMM and how that’s working for them.

GitHub issues

All of SAMM’s content is on Github .

We use

  • YAML files for the data that makes up the model
  • Hugo for the website
SAMM on GitHub

Familiar with GitHub?

To make changes to either, follow these steps:

  1. Create a branch from our repository
  2. Make changes and push the branch to GitHub
  3. Create a pull request and add someone in the SAMM core team as a reviewer

Once the changes are approved, someone from the team will merge that branch to the master branch.

Not familiar with GitHub?

GitHub is a company that provides hosting for software development version control using Git.
If you’ve never used Git or GitHub you can always use the regular channels for feedback.

Read our blog post on how SAMM is doing CI/CD.

What is Hugo?

Hugo is a static site generator written in Go, a statically typed, compiled programming language. It integrates well with GitHub and allows us to automatically build the site every time we make changes.


We’ve started using Crowdin for localization management. We want to have the SAMM model available in as many languages as possible.
Visit our project page on Crowdin to start contributing.


SAMM is a community-driven project. We welcome all feedback and input. You can use the contact form link from the main menu or any of the options available from the footer of the website.

If you want to join our Slack channel but the direct link doesn’t work, you need invitation. Get it here .