How ISO and SAMM complement each other

October 2022 brought us the third revision of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. The revisions included simplifying the domains and controls, using more practical language, and introducing new controls. The addition of a separate control for “Secure Coding.” provides an opportunity to highlight how OWASP SAMM and ISO 27001 are complementary standards. In this blog post, we shine light on how they intersect and how, implemented together, you can maximize their effectiveness and value.

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The "Not Applicable" Question

The Core Team’s Thoughts Since the initial publication of SAMM 2.0, several SAMM users have asked how to address Activities or Quality Criteria they believe are not applicable to their assessment’s scope. At the recent SAMM Core Team Summit in Boston, we discussed this question at some length, and this article summarizes that conversation. The topic really involves several questions, which we’ll address one at a time. Is it valid to declare an Activity Not Applicable?

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